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July 2020 Archives

3 reasons estate planning is critical for business owners

Writing wills and making future plans is a good idea for any adult. But, for business owners, the stakes are even higher. California individuals who own all or part of a business should consider these important ways that estate planning can protect their loved one's interests and prevent litigation down the line.

You must have a legal reason to contest a will

No matter how hard a California resident tries, the odds are that he or she will not be able to please everyone when it comes to an estate plan. While a potential heir or beneficiary cannot contest a will just because he or she isn't happy with the terms of the will, there are reasons why it might be necessary to contest it.

Divorce: Vietnamese communities may relate to these issues

In California and throughout the United States, younger generations often say they feel as though their elders really do not understand them. Times change and with it, people growing up in particular generations may have different worldviews than those who came before them. The Vietnamese community is no different; in fact, many young adults in the community say they struggle with issues regarding divorce because many of the elders in their community are still dead set against it.

Fatal car accidents can easily occur at traffic signals

A man recently lost his life in a tragic motor vehicle crash in California, and another man was injured in the crash. The car accident took place on a Wednesday night along Highway 180. Sadly, these types of car accidents can happen due to the negligence of a motorist, but this is rounds for litigation in the Golden State.

What should drivers do to avoid car accidents?

While it is impossible to predict and control the actions of others, there are certain things California drivers can do that will allow them to stay safer on the road. Many car accidents are the result of basic human error and mistakes, and caution and consideration can go a long way in reducing the overall chance of a collision. Each driver is responsible for choices made behind the wheel, especially when these decisions negatively affect others.


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