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November 2019 Archives

Remaining respectful may help during your divorce case

Having to end a marriage can be a complicated endeavor. You and your spouse may both agree that it is the best for the situation, but you may also worry about the legal process involved. After all, you combined your lives, and now, you will have to take the time to assess and separate them as best as possible.

After divorce, do parents have to talk in order to co-parent?

Working together with a former spouse after ending a marriage is not easy, but for some California couples, it can be impossible. Child custody is often one of the most complicated issues to resolve in a divorce, but co-parenting is an option that allows the children to maintain strong relationships with both parents long-term. For two people who may not get along, this can seem like a challenge, but the key to making this work well is a commitment to communication.

Bad drivers increase the chance of car accidents during holidays

When California families hit the road this holiday season, they will likely be sharing the road with many other people at the same time. More people are driving during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season, which means that bad drivers may endanger even more people during this time of year. When a person is not driving safely, it increases the chance of car accidents.

What should a person do with estate planning documents?

When a Californian makes the effort to plan for the future, he or she may think that once it's all drafted, that's all someone needs to do. It can be tempting to forget about estate planning documents until they're needed, but that's not always wise. In reality, these documents and important paperwork should be carefully reviewed occasionally, especially after a major life change.

Divorce, retirement and a strong financial future

The end of a marriage will alter a person's financial trajectory, and it's in the interests of each person considering this process to think about how their choices will impact their future. This is especially important for individuals in California who are nearing retirement age. Divorce will affect how a person approaches his or her retirement plan, and while changes will be necessary, it is still possible to secure terms that allow for a strong future.


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