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February 2018 Archives

What should you look for before partnering with an investor?

Whether you are looking to grow your start-up or are looking for fresh talent to add to your booming California business, utilizing investors is an excellent way to gain access to industry knowledge, strategy and financial support. While it is critical that you find investors, who share your passion for your product or service, it is equally as important to look at other details that will greatly support your mission and success. 

Wills ensure Vietnamese families continuity

While modern custom in Vietnam is typically not to make a will, the case for Vietnamese families living in California is not the same. A clear-cut will is necessary to ensure the wishes of each person is followed in distributing his or her assets following death.

The changing stigma of divorce in vietnamese communities

Divorce can be difficult for anyone involved, but perhaps more so within communities that have long discouraged it. This is the case for many Vietnamese communities across the United States, and even though views toward divorce may be changing, there are a large number of California residents who face challenges when taking the brave step of starting a new life.

Women-owned businesses in the Vietnamese community

Orange County is home to the nation’s third-largest Asian population including nearly 200,000 Vietnamese-Americans. The heart of the county’s Vietnamese population is here at Westminster’s Little Saigon, an area filled with Vietnamese-owned businesses including auto repair shops, restaurants, grocery stores and nail salons.

Drunk driver finally sentenced after appeals

California residents who are seriously injured or who experience the death of their loved ones due to the negligence of intoxicated or drugged drivers should be able to trust in the legal system to help them achieve some sort of compensation and justice for their unnecessary losses and suffering. While this may seem logical to most people, the reality is that in some cases, achieving this sense of justice may take many years.


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