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June 2020 Archives

Car accidents involving semitrailers: Why do they happen?

Each California driver is responsible for the choices he or she makes while behind the wheel. This includes truck drivers who operate large and heavy semitrailers. These vehicles are capable of causing significant damage when involved in a crash, and even a low-speed collision can result in serious injuries or a fatalities. Many serious car accidents involving commercial trucks are completely avoidable.

Aggressive driving can cause serious, fatal accidents

Drivers of various skill levels and experience fill the roadways in California and across the country. You have undoubtedly seen your fair share of interesting maneuvers from other drivers while traveling yourself. While you may shake your head at someone who does something incorrectly but ultimately harmless, you may feel unsafe around drivers who act aggressively.

Estate planning considerations for parents of young children

The needs and well-being of minor children should be a primary consideration for California parents when making an estate plan. Many overlook the importance of updating existing plans after the birth of a child or as a child ages, but it is necessary to plan for the care and support of any minor kids. These considerations should be a critical part of any estate planning efforts.

Estate planning is important for adults of all ages

California adults who are relatively young, healthy and not exceptionally wealthy may overlook the importance of thinking about the future. In reality, estate planning is a beneficial for every adult in every stage of life. Starting at the age of 18, there are steps that can allow an individual to have a say in medical care, care for family and address what will happen to personal property.

The future financial impact of a gray divorce

When an older California couple decides to end their marriage, they understand this decision will impact their future financial security. No matter how wealthy the two spouses may be or how amicably they plan to settle their divorce, the reality is that a gray divorce will have a ripple effect on retirement and long-term plans. Thankfully there are steps that can help preserve and protect long-term interests.

Smart choices lead to a strong future after divorce

When a California couple makes the choice to end their marriage, they understand they are facing significant financial changes. One of the most common concerns expressed by those who are going through a divorce is how this process will affect their long-term financial health. There are steps a spouse can take now and during the divorce process to shield personal interests and avoid additional complications in the future.


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