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September 2018 Archives

When an aggressive driver causes a crash

Usually, motor vehicle accidents are just that—accidents. However, some crashes may be caused by the intentional action of a reckless driver who intended to cause a collision, such as someone who has extreme road rage. For example, a driver who has become intensely angry with another driver may ram into their car on purpose, which can be incredibly dangerous on the roadway. These collisions may cause anyone riding in either vehicle to become hurt or lose their lives and it is imperative for those who drive recklessly because of their road rage to be held accountable.

What should I do in a hit and run accident?

Responsible drivers in California would never leave the scene of an accident. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what unscrupulous people do, leaving you with costs for medical treatment and vehicle repair. If you’re involved in a hit and run it’s important that you take the right steps, both for your safety and to improve the chance that the other driver is apprehended. State Farm offers the following advice in this case.

Proving undue influence occurred

Being disinherited by a loved one can be a hard pill for anyone in Westminster to have to swallow. In the wake of such action, one's immediate thoughts are likely to turn to discovering why this may have happened. One of the more common reasons may be that a testator has been unduly influenced by a caretaker or other personal confidant. The question then becomes how is one to prove this? 

Is parallel parenting right for me?

Co-parenting can be a beneficial arrangement for many divorced couples in California. However, when tempers flare it may be hard for parents to come together on topics related to child-rearing, which can negatively impact all involved. In this case, parallel parenting is often a good solution, as described by BetterHelp.com.

Avoiding common estate planning errors

Planning for the future can often feel like an intimidating or overwhelming task. As tempting as it may be to avoid the reality of estate planning, it’s important for every person to complete an estate plan to ensure proper execution of their final wishes once they’re gone.


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