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January 2018 Archives

When a family business faces obstacles

America is home to countless families who sought better opportunities and better lives. For generations, the country has been recognized for its diverse and success-driven mentality; it is this mentality that has driven immigrants from all over the world to work toward a better future. California is just one of many places to welcome communities such as these with open arms. 

A collective business concern for nail salons

They seem to appear on every corner and in nearly every city, and are a hub for shoppers and beauty queens alike: nail salons have long been an important part of America's thriving businesses, but many Californians are unaware of their unique Vietnamese roots. Yet just as with any business, these salons can run into their own types of difficulties. 

Freeway collision in Redding leaves young family fatherless

Although the term "car accident" is used to detail the nature of vehicle collisions in Westminster, the greatest toll taken is often not in automotive parts, but human lives. Those seriously injured or killed in such accidents often have families whose lives are forever altered by the sudden change in their circumstances. They may find themselves having to dedicate significant resources to their loved ones' care and recovery, or worse yet, be left without the current and future support that they had previously been relying upon. 

Language barriers will not hold you back in court

Sitting in a chair next to a judge and testifying in front of a full courtroom can be daunting for anyone. Attempting to answer questions in a language that is not your own makes the task seem all the more imposing. Every word counts and as a non-native English speaker, or the family member of a Limited English Proficiency (LEP) individual, it is imperative that nothing gets lost. This inability to connect linguistically is the point in which the legal system brings in a communication specialist, otherwise known as an interpreter.

Speeding drunk driver sends six people to hospital

It is not unusual that people in California might consume alcohol during a New Year's Eve celebration event. It is for this reason that many public service announcements are made leading up to this holiday on the last night of the calendar year urging people to identify a designated driver or to hire a taxi or ridesharing service in order to make it home safely. Sadly, there are still too many people who refuse to do this. Additionally, some people find that even making this choice is not enough to keep them safe.

Do you have a business succession plan?

Like many families in Westminster, yours may share a strong emotional bond that has been built up over decades of loving interactions. That bond may be strengthened even further if you all happen to work together in a family business. Yet few appreciate just how much such a bond can be tested when the topic of business succession comes up. You might think that your family members will be able to come to an amicable agreement regarding your business' management once you are no longer involved with it. However, disagreements can quickly arise over business interests in even the most tight-knit of groups. 


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