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April 2020 Archives

A serious car accident can lead to financial struggles

Getting into a car accident is something that most California residents want to avoid. Unfortunately, most people will end up in at least one car accident at some point in their lives. While many crashes are relatively minor, causing little damage and no injuries, others can be substantial and leave those involved with serious injuries and, possibly, a totaled vehicle.

Family law mistakes can prove costly in the future

The implications of a divorce can affect an individual for years. Because of the potential long-term effects that these family law decisions can have on virtually every area of life, it is beneficial to be familiar with common mistakes often made during a California divorce. Missteps and hasty decisions can prove costly and complicated down the road. 

Mistakes can derail best estate planning efforts

Thinking about the legal and financial needs a California adult may have in the future is not easy when crafting an estate plan. Even with the best of intentions, mistakes and missteps in this process can negatively impact an individual or his or her beneficiaries long-term. Handling the estate planning process with care can save time, money and considerable stress down the road. 

Impulsive decisions during divorce are not beneficial

After deciding to end a marriage, a California couple will have to make various choices that will affect their future. It is in their interests not to make these choices impulsively but to think carefully about how these decisions will impact their lives long-term. This is particularly important for older couples who are nearing retirement age and choosing to divorce.

Estate planning with long-term interests in mind

Planning for the future is a prudent venture at every stage in life, regardless of age, wealth and health status. Estate planning requires looking to the future and laying the groundwork to ensure that the distribution of assets, health care and other matters are handled according to the wishes of a California adult. This means it is necessary to think long-term throughout the planning process.


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