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December 2019 Archives

Speeding increases the chances of accidents, serious injuries

Most people hope to get to their destinations in as little time as possible. Of course, you know that you cannot make distances between one stop and another shorter in length, so you account for the likely amount of time it will take to get where you are going. Still, some setbacks can cause you to run a bit late, and that may tempt you to speed.

The benefit of making certain family law decisions

It's never easy to make the choice to move forward with divorce. When a California couple decides to end their marriage, it is probably after months or even years of difficult deliberation. Thankfully, there are some benefits to moving ahead with this family law decision, and with the right terms in the final order, a person can look forward to a strong and stable future.

Thorough estate planning requires more than a will

It is not easy to make plans for the future, particularly when it involves thinking about what will happen to a person's estate after he or she passes away. For many in California, a basic will seems like it is sufficient, but in reality, a person may need more. Thorough estate planning often involves more than just a will. With the right tools and documents in place, a person can be confident his or her objectives for the future are secure. 

Divorce, parental alienation and protecting parental rights

When California parents make the choice to end their marriage, it can have a significant impact on their children. How they approach custody and co-parenting after divorce can also have an impact on their children. When one parent does not respect the role of the other, it can lead to parental alienation. This is damaging to both a parent and a child, and it can permanently alter the way a child thinks about a parent.

Distracted driving continues to be a factor in many car accidents

When a California driver is looking at a phone or using it while driving, his or her attention is not on the road as it should be. Distracted driving continues to be a major safety concern, and most people are aware that it is risky even to glance at the phone for a moment when driving. Despite the risk of car accidents, many drivers continue to engage in this dangerous behavior. Distraction appears to be a problem that is not diminishing in the near future. 

A trust could be a beneficial estate planning move

Planning for the future is not easy, especially when it comes to making legal and financial choices that will impact a person or his or her loved ones down the road. Estate planning is a smart way to maintain control over what happens to a person's property after his or her passing and ensure that things go where they are intended. While drafting a will is the first and most basic step in this process, it may also be beneficial to consider the benefits of establishing a trust as well. 


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