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May 2020 Archives

Business partners can face various issues

If running a successful business were easy, most people would do it. Who wouldn't want to be his or her own boss and pursue a passion as a career? You started your company knowing that the road would be difficult, and you may have brought on a business partner in hopes of lightening your own load. Of course, partnerships do not always go smoothly.

Carrying a burden of debt after a divorce is final

One of the most difficult aspects of ending a marriage is making choices and securing terms that will allow an individual to have a strong financial future. Most adults in California facing divorce likely have concerns about how this process will affect their income and savings, but most would be wise to give careful thought about the debt they may carry with them. A burden of debt can make it difficult to financially recover from a divorce.

High-impact collisions can occur due to a variety of reasons

Car accidents are frightening events. Even a seemingly minor fender-bender can leave any California resident feeling shaken. Unfortunately, numerous accidents are far from minor. High-impact collisions can lead to serious injuries for those involved, and you certainly do not want to cause an accident yourself.

All adults should consider the benefits of estate planning

There are many reasons why California adults put off thinking about and making plans for the future. Some may think they are too young, while others think they don't have enough money or valuable assets to necessitate estate planning. In reality, drafting certain documents and having plans in place is a prudent step for every adult, regardless of age, wealth and current health status.

A passive aggressive spouse can delay and complicate divorce

The end of a marriage is difficult, but it can be especially complicated when one spouse finds ways to allow emotions and aggression drive his or her decision-making. Passive-aggressive tendencies can slow down a divorce and make it difficult for a California couple to reach any type of positive resolution to their remaining disputes. This type of behavior can be difficult to confront as it is not overt or obvious.

It's an ideal time to consider estate planning

Considering what will happen after death or in case of incapacitation is not easy. This is why many California adults delay this process, while others assume it is not necessary because they are young or not wealthy. However, estate planning is beneficial for everyone, and now is a great time to take this step. Current events have many considering their own futures and those of their loved ones, and many adults currently have the time to plan.


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