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January 2019 Archives

Enforcing non-disclosure agreements

Hiring a new employee is a sure sign of a business' progression. At the same time, it also may come with a certain degree of trepidation given the amount of trust that must be placed on a new hire. It is understandable that business owners in Westminster may be hesitant to divulge their companies' important details with new people; at the same time, a new employee may not be able to perform the functions of their job correctly without such information. A confidentiality (or non-disclosure) agreement might solve this dilemma. 

Removing a trustee from office

If your family has significant assets to protect (such as ownership of a family business), then it may be wise to consider placing those assets in a trust to be managed for the benefit of you and all of the other family heirs. Yet what is to say that whomever is chosen as trustee will be up to the task? Many who have bee parties to trusts in Westminster have come to us here at The Law Firm of Lan Quoc Nguyen & Associates concerned over the actions of the trustees in their cases, and questioning whether or not there is a way to remove someone from such a role. You may be happy to hear that there is. 

Why do many couples divorce during the first months of the year?

Divorce attorneys often have an influx of clients during January, February and March. These tend to be the peak times where you often find couples unhappy with their marriages and deciding to go their separate ways. It’s only been a few weeks into January and one of the top stories of the month is about a divorce.

What bad driving habits should I avoid?

It’s a duty of all drivers in California to behave safely and conscientiously when behind the wheel. Along with following traffic rules, motorists must also avoid driving behaviors that can get themselves and others in trouble. Geico explains a little more about these bad habits and what you can do to avoid them.

How can I recover financially after a divorce?

Not only is divorce emotionally trying, it can also impact your finances. That’s why many divorced couples in California find themselves in debt after divorce, either due to splitting up assets or as a result of child support payments. There is hope however, as explained by USA Today. The following tips can help you recover your finances post-divorce and make your way towards a bright future.


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