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When can partners end a contract?

A contractual agreement establishes a professional bond between you and a business partner in Westminster. If your partner breaks that bond, you may recover damages for breach of contract depends on the reason your partner cites for ending your agreement. This prompts the question of what are some to the reasons why a party walks away from a contract. 

The first and most obvious is termination for default. Your partner may cite such a reason if it believes you have failed to fulfill your contractual obligations. If that is proven true, then your partner is not legally bound to adhere to the contract and could be even be entitled to monetary relief. Yet such a claim may be easy to counter given that you have the contractual terms in writing to refer to. If you can show that you did indeed do what the contract stipulated, then your client walked away without cause. In such a case, you could then pursue a breach of contract claim. 

Drunk driving accident in Riverside produces fatal results

People often hear statistics that claim that it is more likely for one to be killed in a car accident in Westminster than (insert-random-cause-of-death-here). That may not be due to the quality of drivers in the area, but rather the abundance of vehicles on the road. No one ever anticipates being involved in a car accident, yet many typically have little control when it comes to avoiding. Still, people might be able to mitigate the risk of being involved in a collision by adopting defensive driving techniques. 

Law enforcement authorities may often encourage safe driving practices, as evidenced by the counsel offered by a California Highway Patrol representative following a car accident in Riverside. Sadly, such advice came too late for the occupants of one of the vehicles involved. Local officials have encouraged drivers to remain in the right-side lanes on local when driving at night as evidence has shown that drunk drivers tend to travel cross over into the left lanes. That appears to be exactly what happened in this case as an intoxicated motorist was reported driving the wrong way along the 91 freeway in the early morning hours. He eventually ran head-on into another vehicle, killing two of its occupants and seriously injuring a third. 

Getting compensation from a California car accident

Car accidents are never pleasant to go through no matter where you are at. After the crash, you will have to deal with the process of recovering from the accident both physically and financially regardless of the severity of your damages or injuries. Given how big of a dent vehicle repairs and medical bills can make in your wallet, you want to obtain as much compensation as you can.

Before you begin, it is crucial to understand the process of obtaining compensation in California specifically, as other states in the country have drastically different rules for the aftermath of car accidents.

Should you include a no-contest clause in your will?

If you have business or personal assets to pass on to beneficiaries in Westminster, you might harbor justifiable fears that your succession desires might cause amongst your loved ones once you are gone. You certainly do not want your family members to fight among themselves over the assets you have to leave to them. You might be tempted, then, to include a "no-contest" clause in your will. Such a clause threatens to disinherit one who challenges the provisions of a will. Yet would including such language in yours accomplish your purpose of eliminating the potential for contention amongst your beneficiaries? 

Not necessarily. No-contest clauses are not simply meant to scare people away from questioning a will. Rather, they are designed to prevent frivolous litigation by beneficiaries. Indeed, Section 21311 of the California Probate Code says that such clauses are only enforceable when contests are brought without any probable cause. The Code goes on to say that probable cause is thought to exist of the reason for one's contest would prompt a reasonable person to believe that, upon further investigation into a matter, relief would likely be granted. 

Frequently asked questions about post-nuptial agreements

While most couples in California have heard of pre-nuptial agreements, fewer still are aware of the role post-nuptial agreements play. These marital contracts are created during a marriage to establish guidelines on the union itself as well as what will occur should it be dissolved. TheSpruce.com answers some common questions regarding these agreements, which are becoming more and more popular among couples.

What Do Post-Nuptial Agreements Cover?

What Is Defensive Driving?

Defensive driving behaviors help ensure the safety and security of all motorists. But what do these behaviors entail and how can you be sure that you’re driving defensively in California? Esurance.com offers information on good driving habits so that you can reduce your risk of being involved in a car accident.

Avoid Blind Spots

Time limits for personal injury lawsuits in California

Personal injury claims can be filed after injuries are suffered in a car accident — but time is limited. The legal time limit a plaintiff has to file a personal injury claim can vary depending on a few factors.

The California statute of limitations for personal injury cases is generally two years from the date of the injury. Personal injury claims made after two years from the date of the incident are likely to be refused by the court.

Organizing cash transactions

There is no doubt that Orange County, California, is one of the centers of the overseas Vietnamese community in the USA. Doing business here gives our clients access to a healthy local market and offers undeniable access to international business opportunities. However, this unique cultural mix also presents our clients at Lan Quoc Nguyen & Associates with certain challenges.

Although things are changing here in Little Saigon, a large portion of our clients' businesses are still cash-only — or at least heavily dependent on cash transactions. This is true both in business-to-business payments and everyday customer purchases. The cash system works well for most of our clients as long as there is a steady stream of commerce, but periods of rapid expansion or slow markets tend to upset the balance.

How can I manage my emotions during a divorce?

Emotions can be tumultuous during a divorce. Not only can negative feelings impact a person’s physical and mental health, they can also have an impact on the divorce proceeding itself. That’s why proper management of your emotions is so important. Huffington Post offers a few tips in this case, which can help you process what you’re feeling in a healthy and fulfilling manner.

Think Through Your Feelings

When should I update my will?

Many people think that creating a will is a one-time process. However, there are numerous reasons why you may want to update or even redo your will. Knowing when to revisit this vital estate planning document can protect your cherished assets as well as the interests of your heirs, which is why Forbes recommends updating your will when the following circumstances apply.

A New Marriage (or Divorce)


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