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Freeway collision in Redding leaves young family fatherless

Although the term "car accident" is used to detail the nature of vehicle collisions in Westminster, the greatest toll taken is often not in automotive parts, but human lives. Those seriously injured or killed in such accidents often have families whose lives are forever altered by the sudden change in their circumstances. They may find themselves having to dedicate significant resources to their loved ones' care and recovery, or worse yet, be left without the current and future support that they had previously been relying upon. 

A young family is currently having to endure such a tragedy after its father was killed in a freeway collision in Redding. The young man had been traveling on I-5 on his way to an interview for a residency training position to further his efforts to becoming a doctor. His vehicle was struck head-on by another that was driving northbound in the southbound lanes at what investigators say was a high rate of speed. Authorities believe that the woman driving the vehicle was suicidal and attempting to cause a crash that would end her life. She also received serious injuries, yet survived. 

Language barriers will not hold you back in court

Sitting in a chair next to a judge and testifying in front of a full courtroom can be daunting for anyone. Attempting to answer questions in a language that is not your own makes the task seem all the more imposing. Every word counts and as a non-native English speaker, or the family member of a Limited English Proficiency (LEP) individual, it is imperative that nothing gets lost. This inability to connect linguistically is the point in which the legal system brings in a communication specialist, otherwise known as an interpreter.

What does an interpreter do?

How To Handle Breach Of Contract Allegations

As a hard-working small business person, your primary concern is the day-to-day operations of your enterprise. Staffing, sales, supply chain and customer service occupy your daily concerns. What happens if you’re accused of breach of contract?

It’s a challenge to keep this type of legal allegation from dominating your time, tarnishing your reputation and demanding extensive finances. Here’s what breach of contract means and how to handle this type of allegation.

Speeding drunk driver sends six people to hospital

It is not unusual that people in California might consume alcohol during a New Year's Eve celebration event. It is for this reason that many public service announcements are made leading up to this holiday on the last night of the calendar year urging people to identify a designated driver or to hire a taxi or ridesharing service in order to make it home safely. Sadly, there are still too many people who refuse to do this. Additionally, some people find that even making this choice is not enough to keep them safe.

This is unfortunately what some people in Los Angeles learned the hard way early in the morning on New Year's Day. A group of people had opted to take a ridesharing service to get to their intended destinations. This is what many would say was the smart, safe choice but in this case it ended up resulting in tragedy when the Toyota Prius used for the rideshare was hit by a sport utility vehicle.

Do you have a business succession plan?

Like many families in Westminster, yours may share a strong emotional bond that has been built up over decades of loving interactions. That bond may be strengthened even further if you all happen to work together in a family business. Yet few appreciate just how much such a bond can be tested when the topic of business succession comes up. You might think that your family members will be able to come to an amicable agreement regarding your business' management once you are no longer involved with it. However, disagreements can quickly arise over business interests in even the most tight-knit of groups. 

Oftentimes, those disagreements eventually cause family-run businesses to fail. Yet Forbes Magazine reports that as many as 70 percent of small businesses in America do not have a well-defined succession plan. The potential of family squabbles destroying the company you have worked hard to build should motivate you to create a succession plan right away (even if you fear that some of those you love may feel alienated by it). 

Do I need to keep records of alimony payments?

Alimony may be a dirty word to many Californians, and for the traditional Vietnamese household, it carries the same connotations as the word “divorce.” But it serves a purpose, one that aims to balance the scales when a couple breaks up and each person strikes out in a different direction. Whether you parted on speaking terms or had a knock-down, drag-out fight in court, alimony payments are not so much about your feelings for your ex-spouse as they are about your income. As a factor in both ex-partners' standard of living, these payments deserve the same attention as any other source of income.

FindLaw suggests that both ex-partners keep records of alimony payments. The payer should keep these specific documents:

  • For cash payments, have the other person sign a receipt that includes the payment amount and what month it is for
  • Copies of checks; use the memo area to record the monthly payment is for
  • Master list with the date of each payment and check number. If you mail the check, include the address it was sent to, along with the month it is for

5 steps to ensure your business passes to the second generation

The blood, sweat and tears you poured into your business have helped build its prosperity. As you are ready to enter retirement and pass ownership to your children, it is important to be sure the transition is successful.

Only 23 percent of family businesses say they have a robust, documented succession plan, which could be why over 70 percent of these businesses fail or are sold before the second generation takes over. As you begin estate planning, developing a detailed succession plan should be on the list of priorities.

Divorcing in a vietnamese household

'Divorce' is a word few welcome with open arms. Yet depending on the culture, some may not agree with the process whatsoever. That attitude toward ending marriage seems to be changing for the Vietnamese community in California, where at one time divorce was seen as taboo. Many are putting an end to a life they would rather forget, and starting fresh with new and exciting path.

The Vietnamese are not the only community who have placed value in tradition, but when it comes to marriage, there have been strict standards in the past. Vietnam Culture shares some of that past with readers, noting that marriage ideals were, at one time, largely rooted in Confucian ethics. Similar to Americans' views of family values at one time, Vietnamese culture placed immense importance on male superiority, strict discipline and female roles of housewife and mother. But just as these roles shift in most cultures, this tradition has become less of a priority and more of a memory of the past for some. When it comes to divorce, it has long been legal but uncommon. Women were often told to withstand the discontent for the sake of the family. 

Liability issues in rollover accidents

Car accidents occurring on Westminster's roads and highways can often produce deadly consequences, particularly when they happen at high speeds. Many of the clients that we here at The Law Firm of Lan Quoc Nguyen & Associates have worked with who have lost loved one's car crashes have faced the difficult decision of pursuing liability claims against the responsible drivers. If you or a family member has been involved in a similar event, you could be forced to deal with the same seemingly impossible choice. 

Today's cars, trucks and SUVs offer several advanced safety features, yet those features do little good when you or another is thrown from a vehicle. Ejections are among the leading contributing factors to motor vehicle fatalities. Data shared by TranSafety, Inc. shows rollovers to be the primary cause of vehicle ejections, with over 50 percent of such accidents resulting in an ejection. Rollovers often occur in vehicle collisions, yet they can also be the product of single-car crashes. Speed has been identified as the greatest contributing factor to rollovers, while seatbelt usage is shown to significantly influence the potential of an ejection. 

Untangling cultural concerns in divorce

Divorce can be seen by some as a societal taboo, and that is particularly true for the Vietnamese community. While marriage and family are not held to quite the same strict standards as they were previously, there are still expectations for couples to stay together.

In the past, it was not common for couples to divorce. If women were unhappy in their marriage, they were expected to stay for the sake of her children. Men took the lead in all family matters, regardless of their wives’ wishes. Many of those marriages were arranged by parents and extended family, with little consultation from the children.


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