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What does a lower divorce rate really mean?

For many years, the rate of marriages that ended was about 50%, but that is no longer the case. The rate of divorce is now around 39%, and there are a few specific reasons why this number is dropping. Part of the reason behind a lower divorce rate is a changing perspective and approach to marriage in California and across the country.

One reason for this may be the expense associated with a divorce. It can be costly to end a marriage, and both parties often have to adjust to new lifestyle expectations and monthly income. It's possible that financial concerns could cause a couple to delay a divorce or decide to put off the process indefinitely. Other reasons that divorce is not happening as often is a shift in the way younger couples view marriage and cohabitation.

Estate planning complications common for older divorcees

Someone going through a divorce will have various financial matters to address. There will have to be adjustments to lifestyle, savings and spending, and in the midst of these changes, it can be easy to overlook important changes to long-term plans and estate planning documents. For California couples who are over the age of 50, divorce can actually cause complex estate issues.

Gray divorce involves a divorce when one or both spouses are over the age of 50. These individuals are closer to retirement age, and they often have decades of assets to divide between the two of them. This can be remarkably complex, and it can have ripple effects in an estate plan as well. This is one reason why a person who goes through a divorce will find it beneficial to update plans and make necessary changes as soon as possible. Failure to do this can lead to complications, confusion and even family conflict.

Mitigating the negative effect of gray divorce on retirement

When a marriage ends, it will bring changes to virtually every area of a person's life. These changes can be particularly complicated for anyone who is older and nearing retirement age as divorce will require the division of all marital property. In most cases, this includes long-term savings a California couple was setting aside for their golden years. As one would expect, this can require major shifts in expectations and plans for retirement.

One of the main concerns in any divorce is money. Gray divorce is a term to refer to a divorce that involves those over the age of 50, and it's becoming more common across the United States. If one or both spouses have already been married at least once, the division of assets can quickly become complicated with the financial stakes high. 

Seek advice before you sign a commercial lease

While many entrepreneurs these days can find success with just a laptop, your business involves personal contact with the customer. For this reason, it is not enough for you to set up an office in your home. You are looking for commercial real estate to lease. This is not as simple as it sounds, and you must consider many factors that are different from those involved in renting a residential space.

When you have found a commercial space to rent, your landlord will present you with a lease to sign. As eager as you may be to get your business off the ground in its new location, you would be wise to take some time to carefully review the terms of the lease. You will want to make sure you understand your obligations, which often go beyond paying your monthly rent.

Fighting during divorce can negatively impact children

The end of a marriage represents significant changes for every person in a California family. The children can suffer during this time of transition, especially if the two parents cannot resolve custody issues amicably. Divorce professionals say they are seeing an increase in the number of divorces that are highly contentious. This is stressful for parents, but it can also be harmful for the children as well.

Kids are resilient, but they are also prone to experiencing trauma when they feel like they are trapped between two fighting parents. As a result, it is now more common to have kids going through things like anxiety, depression and stress when their parents are going through a divorce. It is now also more common to have parents also dealing with mental health issues and other serious problems, such as substance abuse.

Delays in estate planning can lead to future complications

One of the most common mistakes people make regarding their estate plans is failing to make them in the first place. A California adult may assume that he or she is healthy and young, therefore not needing any type of estate planning protection until years in the future. Others may assume that since they are not wealthy or have discussed their wishes with loved ones that this effort is not necessary. In reality, everyone can benefit from having a plan, and delaying this too long can lead to problems down the road.

Estate planning, especially for older individuals, can be especially useful. There are documents that allow a person to have a say over things such as medical care, disability planning and what will happen to their assets. Through specific documents, a person can regain a measure of control over the uncertainty of life, as well as limit the complications loved ones may face in the future.

Fathers now have a more equal standing in divorce

In the past, fathers often had a difficult time securing custody rights as courts often gave preference to the mothers. This frequently led to custody agreements that gave dads very little time with their kids and few opportunities to foster strong relationships with them. Thankfully, this is not the case anymore, and California fathers are now more likely to secure more fair and equitable custody and parenting time terms in a divorce.

One reason for this is the way that culture now views gender roles. Additionally, there is a widespread recognition that children fare better when they have the opportunity to maintain strong relationships with both parents after a divorce. Joint custody is more common, and both family courts and parents recognize the importance of minimizing the negative impact that a divorce can have on the youngest members of the family.

Are car accidents really just acts of violence against others?

In almost every incident involving an auto collision, a driver did not get behind the wheel with the intention of causing harm to someone else. Even without the intent of causing a crash, car accidents are often the result of the negligent or reckless choices that a California driver makes while operating a vehicle. For this reason, there are some who believe that it is important to change the way people talk about car accidents.

Safety advocates believe that it is useful to use the term violence when talking about crashes, especially those involving a pedestrian or cyclist. By using the term traffic violence, it can change the way a person perceives what happened and what he or she believes is the proper response. While changing vocabulary may not seem like a big deal, there is evidence that it can actually influence how people think about the problem.

Speeding increases the chances of accidents, serious injuries

Most people hope to get to their destinations in as little time as possible. Of course, you know that you cannot make distances between one stop and another shorter in length, so you account for the likely amount of time it will take to get where you are going. Still, some setbacks can cause you to run a bit late, and that may tempt you to speed.

Driving slightly over the speed limit is something that the majority of California drivers may admit to. However, speeding is a serious issue on roadways and contributes to numerous accidents every year. In an effort to avoid causing an accident yourself, you may want to take a closer look at speeding and its risks.

The benefit of making certain family law decisions

It's never easy to make the choice to move forward with divorce. When a California couple decides to end their marriage, it is probably after months or even years of difficult deliberation. Thankfully, there are some benefits to moving ahead with this family law decision, and with the right terms in the final order, a person can look forward to a strong and stable future.

Many people decide to go ahead and file for divorce in January after getting through the holidays. This allows a person to start working on his or her fresh start right at the beginning of a new year. There are also laws that allow parties to move through this process quickly and without sacrificing much of their economic standing, which is a primary concern for many people who are considering divorce.


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