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May 2019 Archives

Five teens involved in fatal Santiago Canyon crash

Teen drivers need to be given the opportunity to build experience behind the wheel. Yet in entrusting them with the chance to develop that experience, parents or others that provide them with vehicles also may need to accept the fact that their inexperience (combined with their relative lack of maturity) may make them more susceptible to causing (or being involved in) a car accident. Studies have indeed shown that teen drivers are more likely to engage in those actions that can contribute to car crashes, such as speeding, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and driving at odd hours of the night. 

Marital vs. separate property: What you should know

Whether you have recently filed for divorce or are simply considering terminating your marriage, there are a host of things to consider. One of the most difficult topics to negotiate may be that of property division. It can be difficult and emotional to separate property that you have accumulated throughout your marriage. Understanding the difference between marital and separate property may help to ensure you get everything you are entitled to in the divorce settlement.

The emotional toll of a motorcycle crash

Motorcycle accidents can result in various physical hardships, such as high levels of pain and immobility due to an injury. Moreover, financial challenges are not uncommon, whether an injured motorcyclist has to miss work because of their circumstances, or they struggle to pay hospital bills. However, the emotional side of motorcycle accidents is sometimes overlooked, even though it can be equally disruptive. A motorcycle accident victim may struggle with a number of problems from an emotional standpoint, whether they are very stressed out, suffer from depression due to the crash or even become angry with the challenges they are facing.


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