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May 2018 Archives

What is unfair competition?

You have established a successful small business in Westminster and built up a strong customer base. Yet recently you notice that you have been losing business to a new rival company that just opened up a few months ago. You start hearing that it offers services very similar to yours, and then you drive past one day and are shocked to see that its logo and name are nearly identical to yours! Can it do this? 

Why have a prenuptial agreement?

Like many in your community in Westminster, you likely dedicate a good deal of time and effort into cultivating two things: your family and your career. Oftentimes the latter is realized first, with you completing your schooling or starting your own business. You now may have found that special someone you want to marry, and everything seems to be coming up roses. Now may be a difficult time to do this, but have you contemplated that which you and your soon to be spouse are bringing into your marriage? Consider any remaining student loan debt you may have, or the funds you have tied up into your business? Do you want to those financial issues spilling over into your marriage? 

What good record-keeping can do for your business

Small business owners often are under pressure for so many different things. The list is nearly endless. They’re raising money from investors, building a customer base, seeking dependable employees, ensuring steady and dependable supply chains, and determining effective marketing techniques.

Avoiding estate taxes

The excitement Westminster residents feel every payday may often be slightly tempered by the knowledge that Uncle Sam is going to take his share. Taxes are an unavoidable aspect of life, yet does the same hold true in death, as well? It is true that there is indeed a federal estate tax. The prospect of having a portion of their hard-earned estate assets going to the government may be downright disheartening to some. Yet not to worry; there is a way for people to avoid having to pay the estate tax

Santa Maria robbery suspects close road, which causes accident

It might be next to impossible to determine how one's actions in Westminster can impact others. One might be able to see how he or she affects those that are around him or her, yet the truth is that what he or she does might prompt residual effects that can have entirely unintended and unanticipated consequences. When a degree of reckless is associated with those actions (or worse yet, criminal activity), then those who are impacted by those residual effects might see themselves as being entitled to legal resource. The question then becomes whether that is possible in such a scenario. 


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