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When a family business faces obstacles

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America is home to countless families who sought better opportunities and better lives. For generations, the country has been recognized for its diverse and success-driven mentality; it is this mentality that has driven immigrants from all over the world to work toward a better future. California is just one of many places to welcome communities such as these with open arms. 

The Vietnamese community has created strong roots across the nation, but especially in areas such as Orange County’s Little Saigon. Although the area has changed since its beginnings in the 1970s, it nevertheless has remained steady in its many businesses and lively atmospheres. Yet much like any company, some Vietnamese-American businesses experience a bump in the road at least a time or two. One Vietnamese recycling business has had its fair share of success, but has also faced complications. 

A Family Dream

In 2016, VOA News praised one Vietnamese immigrant’s success after he turned a disastrous event into a family dream. David Duong’s family was rescued at sea after fleeing Vietnam more than thirty years ago; after realizing they had to form a financial plan, they began what is now a reputable recycling company worth hundreds of millions of dollars. California Waste Solutions employs hundreds of people and operates in Oakland and San Jose. VOA also added that Duong is now investing in Vietnam.

A Difficult Dilemma

Like many businesses, however, California Waste Solutions is not completely exempt from conflict. The East Bay Times released an article last April explaining that the city of Oakland had sued the recycling company for its alleged unjust fees. Oakland claimed California Waste Solutions had charged an unnecessary fee of up to almost $780 a month to multi-family homes to move recycling bins to curbs for collection — the service was originally set to cost a mere $27.85 per month. The city demanded that CWS stop overcharging customers and to reopen their original contract to clarify the confusion. The outcome may not yet be certain, and issues like these may take months before a solution can be reached, but it is clear that they can happen to any thriving business.     








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