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Is parallel parenting right for me?

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2018 | Family Law |

Co-parenting can be a beneficial arrangement for many divorced couples in California. However, when tempers flare it may be hard for parents to come together on topics related to child-rearing, which can negatively impact all involved. In this case, parallel parenting is often a good solution, as described by BetterHelp.com.

Where co-parenting can fail

In a perfect world, one would expect a divorced couple to be able to find common ground with their children. For some couples this is simply not possible, especially when infidelity or other issues led to the divorce. Co-parenting may be detrimental to kids in these instances. When parents constantly clash kids often experience the brunt of the problems, whether it has to do with one parent bad-mouthing the other or heated arguments taking place in front of children.

Understanding parallel parenting

Conversely, parallel parenting allows divorced couples to work together on behalf of their children without coming in constant contact. Communication will be relegated to those times when it’s absolutely necessary, which prevents needless arguments from occurring. This allows each parent to have a say in a child’s development, while also ensuring kids can enjoy a fulfilling relationship with both parents.

Benefits of this technique

An end to serious conflict is the biggest benefit of parallel parenting. Conflict can greatly damage a child, as well as damaging his or her relationship with either parent. Additionally, parallel parenting allows each parent to forge a loving relationship with the child. Most courts agree that it is in the best interest of children to spend equal time with either parent, which is why joint custody is usually the preferred arrangement.

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