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Estate planning is important for adults of all ages

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2020 | Estate Planning And Litigation |

California adults who are relatively young, healthy and not exceptionally wealthy may overlook the importance of thinking about the future. In reality, estate planning is a beneficial for every adult in every stage of life. Starting at the age of 18, there are steps that can allow an individual to have a say in medical care, care for family and address what will happen to personal property.

Young adults can benefit from having a health care power of attorney, living will and advanced directives. These documents let loved ones know what medical treatments are preferred or refused in case that individual cannot speak for himself or herself. They can outline health care preferences, name someone to make decisions and appoint someone to handle finances in the event of incapacitation.

When children are born, different estate planning documents are necessary. Drafting a will is critical, and it may be important update certain advanced directives. With age, increased wealth and life changes, estate plans should change. In fact, life changes should necessitate adjustments to an existing estate plan, such as after a divorce, marriage, birth of a new child or grandchild, and much more.

Estate planning is not always an easy process, and some may not know where to begin. California adults will benefit from seeking the guidance of an experienced legal professional as they draft and change these important documents. There is a lot at stake with an estate plan, including the well-being of loved ones, and it’s worthwhile to ensure that all documents are properly drafted and there are no issues that could cause problems in the future. 

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