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What’s the timeline to settle a truck accident case?

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2024 | Car Accidents |

In California, being involved in a truck crash can lead to significant injuries and property damage, accompanied by a complex legal process to achieve resolution on a case. While each case is unique and no set timeline exists, they can generally take from 90 days to over a year to settle. The specific details of your case and the extent of the injuries and property damage affect your case’s timeline.

Investigating the case

Many truck accidents are not clear-cut regarding the individual at fault. The investigation may require thoroughly examining all the evidence, such as meticulously reviewing the accident scene, witness statements and other details to establish a solid foundation for your case. Determining liability for the accident can become complex, and the more difficult it is to interpret evidence, the longer your case will take.

The extent of your injuries

Even if your injuries are minor, you must seek medical attention immediately after an accident. The timeline to treat your injuries can significantly affect the time it can take to resolve your claim. Often, personal injury cases do not settle until the victim fully recovers. Additionally, truck accidents typically cause more significant personal injuries and property damage due to the truck’s larger size and heavier weight. If your injuries have long-term effects requiring ongoing treatment or medical care, these factors can significantly increase the time needed to resolve your case.

Insurance providers

The insurance provider for the truck driver will need time to investigate your truck accident claim and negotiate a settlement offer. As with the other factors, the more severe the accident and your injuries, the more lengthy the settlement process. Insurers attempt to keep their costs down by looking for ways to avoid paying large sums of money on accident claims. If your case proceeds to court, the time needed for court filings, schedules and hearings adds to the timeline. Navigating the claim process to get the compensation you deserve may involve much time and complexity.

You deserve diligent advocacy for your rights and the compensation you deserve after a truck accident. Understanding the variables that influence your case empowers you during this challenging process.

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