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Don’t make these mistakes after a car accident

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2023 | Car Accidents, Injuries |

Congested roads and car accidents are an all-too-frequent part of driving in California. And while driving safely can decrease your chances of being in a car crash, you still might find yourself in one through no fault of your own.

Big stakes are on the line in the aftermath of a car accident. Your health due to personal injury, your financial outlook, and your legal status may all be in jeopardy, and the wrong choices can set you back. But by avoiding inevitable mistakes, you can maximize your chances of coming out of the accident in good shape.

Limit the information you give and statements you make

In the aftermath of a vehicle accident, you may be shaken up, stressed out and disoriented. And it’s natural to want to speak freely with the other driver, the police and insurance agents. But saying too much can land you in hot water.

Never admit fault in an accident, regardless of the circumstances. Statements admitting guilt can and will be used against you. And in some cases, you might not be aware of the whole situation, and the other driver may be more at fault than you.

Be very careful about giving extra information to the police or insurance agents. Neither are on your side or looking out for your best interests. In most cases, you can’t help yourself and can only hurt your case.

Document everything

After a car accident, you must gather as much documentation of the accident as possible. That includes any visible injuries you or your passengers might have suffered. Similarly, any damage to your vehicle or personal property.

While you might think that the police will be doing this, you can’t count on that. And in many cases, this won’t be a criminal investigation but a dispute between insurers or a civil case. And having your documentation in order will tip the scales in your favor.

In the aftermath of a car accident, it’s easy to make inevitable mistakes that will cost you in the future. Being careful about oversharing information and documenting the accident will put you in an excellent position to emerge from the accident in good shape.

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