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A stroke and your body

On Behalf of | May 9, 2023 | Blog, Injuries |

When there is an artery that leads to the brain that is blocked, it could lead to a stroke. This could result in significant side effects, such as paralysis, decreased mental capacity or death. Here are a few details about this medical emergency that California residents should know.


When there is a blockage in an artery from a clot, an ischemic stroke could occur. “Ischemic” refers to a body part that’s deprived of oxygen. When a clot forms in a cerebral artery and blocks it, the brain’s blood–and oxygen–supply is disrupted. Cells that are deprived of oxygen die within minutes, so quick response is crucial.

Another type of stroke is a hemorrhagic stroke. This occurs when a vessel in the brain bursts or begins to leak. As the blood surrounds the brain, it exerts pressure on the cells, and the cells that were supplied by the ruptured artery will begin to die. A hemorrhagic stroke can also occur after head injuries, even if they don’t seem serious at the time. After any head injury, it’s crucial to watch for neurological symptoms for at least 24 hours.


Most of the time, you won’t know that you’re having a stroke until you experience symptoms as it often occurs in a matter of moments. You might get confused or have a headache that’s associated with vomiting or nausea. Numbness throughout the body or on one side is common as well. Dizziness and difficulty standing or walking properly are common symptoms as well.

The acronym FAST, which stands for “facial, arm, speech, time,” is used to teach people about the signs of a stroke. Most people experiencing a stroke will notice drooping on one side of the face, and they won’t be able to lift one of their arms. Also, their speech will often be impaired. “Time” refers to the fact that calling emergency medical services quickly is essential to save brain cells.

Once any symptoms are noticed or you suspect that there could be issues, contacting emergency medical services immediately can decrease the risk of long-term effects or death.

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