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Do you need to work with a CDFA?

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2022 | Family Law |

The role of a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst can be important when going through a divorce. Working with a CDFA in California can be daunting, but the peace of mind they offer is immeasurable. Among the benefits of working with a CDFA is valuing marital property and the family home. Getting a fair understanding of debt is another reason why CDFAs are a popular option for divorcing couples.

Understanding the CDFA

Divorce is a difficult time for families with multiple assets. The high level of emotion involved in a divorce often breeds mistrust of a former partner. A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst examines financial statements to give an overview of the assets and debts of a family.

An independent view

Divorce deeply affects a couple’s finances. A CDFA helps to provide an understanding of the financial health of a family. Employing a CDFA gives a couple the independent view of a financial expert. Many CDFA professionals are trained divorce lawyers offering their expertise in real estate, divorce law, and estate planning to couples.

How a CDFA can help

A CDFA will complete an overview of the assets of a couple. They will take an independent view of assets and debts accrued during their marriage. The benefits of working with a CDFA include the division of marital property and financial accounts. Alimony and child support considerations are placed in the hands of a CDFA.

Working with a CDFA can help divorcing couples who want an independent view of their finances. A CDFA can help couples reach a divorce settlement based o the facts of their financial situation.

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