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How do insurers decide liability in a multi-car accident?

On Behalf of | May 24, 2022 | Car Accidents |

When multiple cars have an accident, the car that first hit another car is usually at fault. Being at fault doesn’t mean that they’re to blame for the accident in Westminster, California. At-fault means that the person’s car insurance pays for the cost of the claim. Even finding the liability during a simple accident can be difficult.

What is a multi-car accident?

A multi-car accident in a car accident that involves several cars has a higher chance of personal injury. Multiple vehicle collisions are sometimes called chain reactions. A chain reaction is when a simple accident spreads to involve other vehicles. Multiple cars during an accident make proving liability more complicated than a simple accident.

Proving fault in a multi-car accident

During an investigation of a multi-car accident, an insurance company will work out a timeline. It’s the hardest part since what and when events happen changes the narrative. Conflicting statements from the people involved often complicate the investigation. Police usually create a report of multi-car accidents to establish a timeline of events. Many insurance companies look after their customers and cover the costs of any claims by their customers. It’s difficult for multiple insurance companies to avoid recovering costs during a multi-car accident.

What if a person suspects a crash-for-cash situation?

A crash-for-cash is when a driver brakes in front of a car so the car rear-ends them. The driver behind is usually at fault so the other driver can get compensation. To fight this form of fraud, contact the police as soon as possible. A person should gather evidence of the accident and personal injury and get witness accounts. Remember the number of people in the cars and check for any CCTV cameras for footage.

People should get in touch with their normal insurance provider after a multi-car accident. After their investigation, the insurance company decides to cover the costs of the person’s claim. The insurance provider takes out the car insurance excess, and other driver’s insurers will do the same. Because multiple insurance providers are covering claims in the same accident, over coverage is inevitable.

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