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How to prevent drowsy driving

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Drowsy driving can affect people any time they get behind the wheel. If you’re driving drowsy, your risk of getting into a car accident is higher. Unfortunately, California residents are injured or killed in vehicle accidents each year.

Since more adults in the U.S. are experiencing sleep problems due to busy schedules, stress and other health issues, it’s important to be aware of drowsy driving and how it affects public health. Learning about the causes, effects and prevention of driving while drowsy can make California roads safer.

Is drowsy driving common?

There is no way to calculate the exact measure of drowsy driving. However, research implies that this type of driving is very common. According to the 2005 Sleep in America Poll from the National Sleep Foundation, 60% of adult drivers said they were sleepy while driving in the last year. CDC survey data asserts that one in every 25 adults fell asleep behind the wheel in the last month.

How dangerous is drowsy driving?

Drowsy driving can significantly increase the risk of a car accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) asserts that 91,000 crashes occurred due to drowsy driving in 2017. This led to around 50,000 injuries and 800 deaths.

How to know if you’re too drowsy to drive

If you want to avoid getting into a car accident, it’s important to be as alert as possible when driving.

If you’re yawning repeatedly or feel sleepy, it’s best to get some rest before you get behind the wheel. You should also get off the road if you’re having trouble remembering the last few miles, are blinking excessively or miss the road signs or exits, especially when you’re traveling to a destination you’re familiar with, because these could be signs that you’re too drowsy to drive.

Speaking to a qualified personal injury lawyer if you’ve been a victim of a vehicle collision that involved drowsy driving may be a wise move. Reviewing your case with an attorney can help you get the settlement you’re entitled to.

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