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Estate planning that works at every stage of life

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2020 | Estate Planning And Litigation |

Young adults in California can benefit from thinking about what they need for the future. Even the young and healthy can benefit from estate planning, starting with thinking about what they may need in case of an emergency. Having certain plans and protections in places can provide confidence and peace of mind in case of an unexpected situation. 

College students may not have many assets, but they still may want to have control over what will happen to their body if they are not able to speak for themselves. Through a power of attorney for health care, they can decide what type of medical treatment they may want in case of incapacitation. Through a power of attorney for finances, they can name someone to make money-related decisions in case they cannot make decisions.

As they age, adults will need to adjust their estate plans. After marriage, it will be important for spouses to name each other as beneficiaries, and they may need new powers of attorney. After the birth of children, other adjustments will be necessary to make sure the interests of kids are secure. Estate planning is necessary at every stage in life, and it is prudent for a California adult regularly consider plans and make adjustments.

Estate planning is an important legal process. There is significant benefit in working with experienced legal ally  at every step, from drafting a basic will to creating a trust. Every person has different objectives for the future, and each estate plan can be custom-tailored to meet those goals. 

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