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Fighting during divorce can negatively impact children

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2020 | Family Law |

The end of a marriage represents significant changes for every person in a California family. The children can suffer during this time of transition, especially if the two parents cannot resolve custody issues amicably. Divorce professionals say they are seeing an increase in the number of divorces that are highly contentious. This is stressful for parents, but it can also be harmful for the children as well.

Kids are resilient, but they are also prone to experiencing trauma when they feel like they are trapped between two fighting parents. As a result, it is now more common to have kids going through things like anxiety, depression and stress when their parents are going through a divorce. It is now also more common to have parents also dealing with mental health issues and other serious problems, such as substance abuse.

There are times when it is clearly not in the interests of a child for parents to share custody, but it is also never easy for a parent to admit this. Fighting can take place in person, over the phone, in the attorney’s office, in the courtroom or even over social media. Once entrenched in this battle, a parent may be unable or unwilling to see how resolving this issue in another avenue can be best for everyone.

Divorce can bring up strong and painful emotions for both California parents. However, it may be optimal for parents to set aside how they feel in the moment to focus on what truly matters, which is the best interests of the children. A thoughtful custody plan centered on the kids’ needs can provide stability and security for years to come. 

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