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The right type of parenting plan for a family after divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2019 | Family Law |

Deciding what will happen to the children is one of the most difficult aspects of a ending a marriage. It is not always easy for two California parents to work together to parent their children, but for many, co-parenting is a beneficial option. This type of parenting plan can provide stability and security for kids and allow them to maintain strong relationships with both parents after a divorce is final. To make this arrangement work, parents have to be willing to communicate and work together.

Co-parenting can be a struggle, but it’s worthwhile for many families. The foundation of a good parenting arrangement is the willingness of both parties to ensure they keep the best interests of the kids as the main priority. This does not, however, require that both parents agree on everything all the time. Parents can disagree or not even like each other and still make co-parenting work. 

To make this type of arrangement work well, parents also have to remember that their words have significance. When they treat each other with disrespect, fight in front of the kids or speak negatively about each other, it can impact the kids. Mutual respect is good for their co-parenting relationship, as well as for the kids.

When facing divorce, it may be good for California parents to consider co-parenting. Before agreeing to any terms, it may be helpful for a parent to seek an assessment of his or her case and an explanation of how to protect parental rights. When done the right way, this specific type of custody plan can allow for a strong post-divorce future for the whole family. 

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