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Man killed, couple injured in collision near Angels Camp

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2019 | Car Accidents |

One’s first impulse after having been involved in a car accident in Westminster may not be to consider legal action. Rather, they typically are more concerned about dealing with any injuries they might have sustained than trying to assign blame. Yet ultimately, the impact of those injuries (coupled with the damages inflicted on their vehicle) may leave them with little choice but to seek compensation from the parties that caused their collisions. Some might think that such action is purely vindictive, as auto insurance distributions are meant to cover the costs of an accident. Yet in many cases, such payments are not enough to cover one’s accident expenses.

This is particularly true in cases involving high-speed collisions, as demonstrated in a recent accident that occurred near Angels Camp. A Camaro driven by a couple from the Bay Area collided with a Mustang being operated by another Bay Area resident. While authorities are not sure exactly how fast the Camaro was traveling when the accident occurred, the impact was severe enough to send the Mustang spinning off the highway. Initial reports say that the driver of the Mustang pulled out in front of the Camaro from a private driveway. The couple in the Camaro sustained injuries in the accident, while the driver of the Mustang was killed.

In cases such as this, some may question the reasons one might have for seeking compensation from a person that has died. However, if liability is assigned to such a person, any compensation awarded to car accident victims can be taken from their estate. Those needing to seek legal action following a car accident may want to secure the services of an experienced attorney.

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