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Who should divorced parents talk to as the school year starts?

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Once their summer vacations come to a close, many California students have a hard time going back to school. Some struggle with no longer being able to sleep in an extra three hours, while others are overwhelmed by the amount of homework and extracurricular activities they have to come back to.

Children of recently divorced parents can have an even harder time adjusting to their school schedules. They may still be coping with the separation and can struggle with their academic performances and socializing with their classmates. As one of their parents, you know that unfortunately you can no longer spend as much time with them for the next nine months. You may be able to help your child overcome their negative emotions by speaking to following people they will interact with:

Their teachers

School teachers in California deal with children with divorced parents all the time. If they know that the child is dealing with some family problems at home, then they can be mindful about the child’s behavior and academic performance. They could also speak with them about the issue after class or recommend them to the school psychologist or maybe a group of other children going through similar problems if the school offers it.

However, they can’t do any of that if you don’t inform them of the situation. A 2015 national survey states that 94 percent of teachers agree that it’s important for parents to inform them about a divorce while only 23 percent of parents actually tell them. Don’t assume that your child will tell their teacher about the divorce or that the teacher will immediately know based on your kid’s behavior. Informing the teacher about your divorce makes the process easier for everyone involved.

Their other parent

Even if your marriage didn’t end on a high note, you’ll likely have to contact your ex multiple times during the school year so you can both parent your child properly. First you need to read the court’s custody orders to determine what nights the kid stays with you and what nights they will stay with them. Picking up your child at the wrong time could result in potential conflicts.

If you see any recurring problems your child is having during the school year, let your ex know. You’re not the only one raising your kid. The more people that can help your son or daughter overcome any emotional issues from the fallout, the faster the issue will be dealt with.

California parents who are struggling with child custody or other parenting issues as the school year begins should talk to a family law attorney to explore what potential options they have to solve their problems.

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