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Is my spouse having an online affair?

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2019 | Family Law |

Social media is supposed to bring people closer together, but this is not beneficial in each and every case. Some married people use the internet to carry on affairs, which can have a devastating effect on a person’s marriage. Identifying online infidelity can be a bit difficult, which is why Very Well Mind recommends looking out for the following signs if you’re experiencing issues in your relationship.

Consider your spouse’s relationship with the family computer and other devices. Are these devices suddenly password-protected and is your spouse unwilling to provide you the login info? If so, it’s likely that he or she is hiding something from you. Your spouse may also relocate the computer to a more private location or take an interest in computer accessories. For example, the purchase of a webcam to be used for communicating with an online paramour is suspicious when there is no real need for such a device. 

Your spouse’s mood and demeanor may also change. For example, he or she may appear moodier or less enthusiastic in your presence. You might also feel a distance growing between you. When you broach the topic with your partner, he or she may claim that it’s all in your head and deny any wrongdoing. A cheating spouse will also be more critical of you or behave hostilely for no reason at all. 

Behavior can also change when a spouse is conducting an online affair. The person may start waking up earlier or going to bed later to be able to communicate with the affair partner. He or she may also be less interested in spending time with you or celebrating special occasions. If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to confront your spouse. If you find evidence of an affair, either online or in real life, you should contact a divorce attorney immediately. 

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