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Murder charge filed after fatal crash in Temecula

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Westminster residents likely view their fellow motorists with a great deal of empathy, believing that everyone one the road around them does not want to be involved in an accident any more than they do. While that is most likely the case a majority of the time, there are those instances where the negligent actions of another endanger not just themselves, but everyone else on the road. When such negligence is readily apparent in an accident, victims and their families may feel justified in seeking legal action against the one who perpetrated it. 

Little doubt appears to exist as to the negligence of a Washington man who recently caused a multi-car accident in Temecula. Witnesses say that he was driving is truck in excess of 100 mph when he struck another vehicle that was slowing on the freeway. That collision led to others, with multiple vehicles eventually becoming involved and several people being sent to the hospital. Sadly, the driver of the vehicle that was initially struck died at the scene. 

It was later confirmed that the driver that caused the crash was under the influence of drugs when the collision occurred. He knows faces multiple criminal charges, including second-degree murder. 

One might think that in cases such as this (where a criminal investigation and case is being conducted that directly relates to the negligent act in question) that those looking to take legal action against one who has caused a car accident must wait until the criminal proceedings conclude. That is not case. Accident victims can indeed commence a civil action concurrently with a criminal case. Those wanting to do so may first want to secure the services of an attorney. 

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