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Forming a parenting plan that is mutually beneficial

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2019 | Family Law |

When a couple is just beginning the process of getting divorced in California, one of their primary concerns is the well-being of their children. Divorce is undoubtedly difficult for children and can be exceptionally challenging if they need to relocate. The faster and more amicably that parents are able to arrange a parenting agreement, the more effective they may be at minimizing the impact of their split on the stability of their children’s lives. 

Many parents have to completely redevelop a relationship with their ex that is void of personal feelings and memories of the past and is solely focused on the future of their children and the necessity their children have of maintaining a relationship with each one of their parents. The faster a couple is able to put their differences behind them and move forward with a desire to protect and support their children, the more effective they may be at developing a parenting plan in an appropriate period of time. 

One of the biggest challenges for many couples is creating an agreement that is mutually beneficial. According to Psychology Today, a unique approach that couples may consider is to individually draft their own idea of a functional agreement, and then collaborate to identify similarities and negotiate the areas that are different. 

Verwellfamily.com reminds people not to discredit their ex as a good parent despite the differences they may have shared in their own marital relationship. People will benefit from realizing how important it is for their children to continue maintaining a relationship with both of their parents. They can also minimize tension by remaining flexible when things do not go exactly as they had hoped for. 

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