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Driving home safely from the beach

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As the days get hotter, many California residents are spending more time at one of the hundreds of beaches the Golden State has to offer. It’s the best time of the year for families and friends to take a trip to the closest beach so they can sunbathe, catch some waves and build sand castles.

While beaches are some of the best places to go to during the summer, they are also some of the most dangerous areas to drive in. Plenty of motorists around these parts make easily avoidable mistakes that could land someone in the hospital. Before you pack your towels and put on your swim trunks, it’s important to know why so many drivers crash after stepping off the sand.

Faulty footwear

Many beach goers want to feel the sand between their toes and usually go barefoot or wear flip-flops when walking on the beach. While that’s perfectly acceptable on the beach, the issue is that plenty of them don’t change their footwear once they get behind the wheel. Flip-flops can slip off your feet and get stuck underneath the pedals, and your bare feet don’t work well when it comes to quick brakes.

While driving with bare feet and flip-flops isn’t illegal in California, it is highly discouraged and you could still face hefty fines after an accident. Keep a pair of close toed shoes in your car to put on after you wipe the sand off of your feet.

Sun safety

A lot of families love going to the beach when the sun is out as that usually means it’s the ideal temperature to be outside. Even though a sunny day provides perfect beach conditions, it also means there are a few more driving hazards to worry about. Your car will likely be scorching hot on the inside once you wrap up for the day, and that can negatively impact your driving performance. You can minimize the heat by turning your steering wheel 180 degrees before you get out of the car and roll down the windows once you get back in.

You need to especially be careful leaving during the latter hours of the day. The sunset over the water might be gorgeous, but the glare and reflection of the water can be irritating to your eyes. Be careful on when you choose to leave and make sure you have your sunglasses and sun visor ready.

Unfortunately, not everyone going to the beach is going to take these driving precautions seriously. If you or a loved one are hurt by a reckless motorist after your sand and surf time, consider contacting a personal injury attorney to help you seek coverage for your damages.

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