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How motorcyclists should prepare for the roads in the spring

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April and May are some of the most popular times for motorcyclists in California to take the covers off their bikes and hit the highways for the first time of the year. The temperatures are warmer, the daylight is longer and there is less snow and ice covering the streets.

Unfortunately, spring can also be a very easy time to get in a high impact motor vehicle accident. Even though there aren’t usually as many vehicle crashes as there are in winter and summer, motorcycle owners shouldn’t have a false sense of security when they take their rides out for a spin. Here are some factors that riders should check before taking off:

The weather

Even though there isn’t as much precipitation in the spring months compared to late fall and winter, spring still has plenty of plenty of rain before the summer arrives. On average, the spring months in California can get 3 to 15 times more rain compared to the summer months. Motorcyclists are at far more of a disadvantage when navigating through the rain, so you may want to consider postponing your ride until the sun comes out.

Additionally, the hot temperatures that prompt many bikers to put on their sleeveless t-shirts aren’t coming right away either. Make sure you have enough clothing on during some of the colder days, otherwise you may have problems keeping yourself and your ride stable.

The roads

Even though there isn’t as much snow or ice on most of the roads in California once spring arrives, most highways and trails are not in their top condition. Snow and excessive maintenance on the streets during the winter typically causes thousands of potholes to surface throughout the state.

In 2019, several states throughout the nation experienced record-breaking snowfall. California was one of them. While motorcyclists may have an easier time avoiding potholes than cars since they have more room on the road, hitting a single pothole can be more devastating for them and could result in a serious accident. Before choosing what road to drive on, motorcyclists should look up if there is any significant road damage or construction in the area they were planning on passing through.

The rides

If you haven’t touched your motorcycle since the fall, you need a quick checkup before taking it out. Cold temperatures can cause your tires to lose a significant amount of air pressure, so make sure you get them to the proper state while checking out other functions such as your fluid levels and tire treads.

You should also take your first ride slowly. Even if you are experienced, you can still get a little rusty after not riding your motorcycle for months. Select a shorter path and avoid cutting it close to sunset.

Even though spring is the most popular time to dust off your motorcycle helmet, it doesn’t offer the optimal driving conditions. Many Californians get too eager to go for a ride after winter and could end up in a serious accident. If you or a loved one suffer at the hands of one of these negligent drivers, make sure you have proper legal representation if you end up taking your personal injury to court.

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