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50 vehicles involved in pileup near Gorman

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Many in Westminster might think that car accidents are relatively simple matters for authorities to resolve: one party causes a collision that in turn effects a handful of others. Yet oftentimes the investigation into the cause of an accident is rarely that simple. When multiple vehicles are involved, sometimes it may be difficult to discover who actually was in fault. There may be instances in such occasions where multiple parties are to blame. Thus, assigning liability is often a very difficult matter. 

That is, however, the exact task that has been laid at the feet of law enforcement officials in Gorman after a massive multi-car pileup shut down southbound traffic on the I-5 freeway. While an investigation into the accident is still ongoing, officials believe that two separate crashes were what caused the melee. The exact cause of those initial collisions has yet to be discovered, yet it was reported that visibility may have been low due to fog. Officials estimate that as many as 50 cars were involved in the pileup, with an additional 100 ending up stuck between the two crash sites. While reports were that several vehicles were severely (with one even catching fire), amazingly only one critical injury case was reported (that of a young child). Several others suffered minor injuries, while a horse being towed by a vehicle involved in the accident was killed. 

In the event that multiple parties are to blame in a collision, those seeking compensation to help pay for their accident expenses might pursue it from all of them. If rewarded, such compensation would be paid by each responsible party according to the percentage of blame assigned to them. Those needing compensation might to be wise to enlist the services of an experienced attorney to help initiate their cases. 

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