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Wrong-way driver causes fatal accident in San Francisco

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2019 | Car Accidents |

The collective comfort that people in Westminster have with traveling in cars may make them forget just how dangerous vehicles can be. One need only witness the devastation caused by a high-speed collision to be reminded of this fact. Yet most might typically attribute car collisions to mistakes or simple carelessness. There are times, however, when people may look to use the devastating potential of a vehicle as a weapon in accomplishing their own purposes. 

That certainly may have been the intent of the driver whose decision to drive the wrong way on a highway outside of San Francisco resulted in a catastrophic accident. The woman began driving the wrong way after exiting the freeway. She ultimately struck two separate vehicles, simultaneously killing herself and one other, while also injuring nine others. Authorities have yet to determine whether the other person who was killed was traveling in the wrong-way vehicle or one of the others that were struck. 

In cases such as this, little question may exist as to who is liable for the damages and injuries that resulted. Yet what are accident victims to do if (as is the case in this particular example) the one responsible is killed? Who can provide them with compensation if what they receive in insurance payouts is not sufficient to cover all of their accident expenses? 

The answer may be the estate of the responsible party. If one is determined to be at fault in an accident posthumously, any amount awarded to accident victims can be paid from their estate assets. Those needing to seek such compensation may improve their chances at a favorable outcome by working with an experienced attorney. 


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