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How can I manage family conflicts over the holidays?

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2018 | Family Law |

For divorced parents in California, the holidays can be a trying time. For many people visits with relatives often involve quite a bit of conflict, which can get in the way of your rest and relaxation. In this case, VeryWellFamily.com offers the following advice to ensure your holiday remains as stress-free as possible.

Find solace in your friends

Many people arrange gatherings with their friends instead of family. This can be a great way to celebrate the real spirit of the holiday season, especially when your family is lacking in joy and merriment. Even if you must still spend time at family events, finding comfort in your friends can serve as a good pick me up.

Split up the holidays with relatives

It’s often difficult for divorced couples to find time to visit all their relatives on a single holiday. In this case, consider splitting holidays to ensure your kids will be able to accompany you to family events. For instance, allow your ex to have the kids Thanksgiving so you can have them on Christmas or other holidays. This will cut back on the travel necessary to visit numerous loved ones on the same day.

Be ready for conflict

In some cases, conflict may not be avoided. If this is true in your family, try to prepare yourself before attending any celebrations. If you know you’ll experience rudeness, prying statements, or general consternation, take steps to deal with it now in order to keep the peace. For example, things with a grain of salt and seek out those relatives whose company you enjoy to keep stress at bay. 

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