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Fiery high-speed collision kills 3 outside University City

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Westminster residents are encouraged to practice defensive driving techniques in order to lower the risk of being involved in car accidents. Such methods may be beneficial, as they have been proven to help mitigate the risks that one faces while on the road. However, one factor that can never be adequately planned or prepared for may be the reckless actions of others. While most may recognize the responsibility they have to protecting the motorists around them while on the road, some may choose to engage in behaviors that directly endanger both themselves as well as others. 

Such certainly appears to have been the case in a fiery crash on the freeway outside of University City that claimed three lives. Witnesses state that they saw a black McLaren driving the wrong-way on the freeway traveling in excess of 100 mph. Many vehicles were able to swerve and avoid the oncoming sports car, yet sadly a woman driving an SUV was not. The McLaren struck her vehicle head-on, causing a reaction that ultimately resulted in several cars colliding and catching fire. The driver of the McLaren was killed in the collision, as was the driver of the SUV along with her daughter. Eight other people were also injured in the crash. Authorities are still looking into why the young man driving the McLaren chose to do what he did. 

In a case such as this (where the at-fault driver is killed), many may think that they do not have the option of seeking compensation to help cover their expenses. However, they may be able to seek such compensation for the estates of those at-fault. Those hoping to do so may first want to consult with an attorney. 

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