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Drunk driving accident in Riverside produces fatal results

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2018 | Car Accidents |

People often hear statistics that claim that it is more likely for one to be killed in a car accident in Westminster than (insert-random-cause-of-death-here). That may not be due to the quality of drivers in the area, but rather the abundance of vehicles on the road. No one ever anticipates being involved in a car accident, yet many typically have little control when it comes to avoiding. Still, people might be able to mitigate the risk of being involved in a collision by adopting defensive driving techniques. 

Law enforcement authorities may often encourage safe driving practices, as evidenced by the counsel offered by a California Highway Patrol representative following a car accident in Riverside. Sadly, such advice came too late for the occupants of one of the vehicles involved. Local officials have encouraged drivers to remain in the right-side lanes on local when driving at night as evidence has shown that drunk drivers tend to travel cross over into the left lanes. That appears to be exactly what happened in this case as an intoxicated motorist was reported driving the wrong way along the 91 freeway in the early morning hours. He eventually ran head-on into another vehicle, killing two of its occupants and seriously injuring a third. 

The driver in this case was arrested on suspicion of DUI. Yet the fact that he (and others whose negligent actions cause accidents) might face criminal charges does not absolve him from civil liability. The families in accident cases such as this may rely on such liability to seek compensation to pay for the losses they are left to deal with. Earning such compensation may be much easier if one has the assistance of an experienced attorney. 

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