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What Is Defensive Driving?

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Defensive driving behaviors help ensure the safety and security of all motorists. But what do these behaviors entail and how can you be sure that you’re driving defensively in California? Esurance.com offers information on good driving habits so that you can reduce your risk of being involved in a car accident.

Avoid Blind Spots

Blind spots are areas around your vehicle that can’t easily be seen from your rear and sideview mirrors. You should be wary of other vehicle’s blind spots as well as your own when driving. If you can readily see using your mirrors alone, be sure to turn your head to visually check for other vehicle before changing lanes. Also, try to stay out of other vehicle’s blind spots by staying a good distance away (three car lengths is usually a good rule of thumb).

Don’t Drive Distracted

Driving distractions can take on many forms. Along with texting and driving, eating while driving, changing the radio station, or even speaking with passengers can cause your attention to be diverted from the road. Even if you’ve been driving for many years, be sure that you pay your full attention to the task at hand, keep both hands on the wheel, and keep your mind on driving. Doing so will allow you to respond appropriately to any unexpected road hazards.

Scan the Road

Being alert is another important defensive driving habit and this entails scanning the road in front of your vehicle to watch for any potential issues. Consider what could occur if another vehicle experiences a tire blow out or there is a wreck in front of you. If you’re not paying attention appropriately you face a greater risk of being involved in an accident yourself, which can have severe consequences.

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