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Sleep deprivation and motor vehicle crashes

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2018 | Car Accidents |

From alcohol intoxication to distractions, there are various car accident causes that have been explored on this blog. However, many more risk factors can increase the chances of a crash and it is important for drivers to be aware of any behaviors or potential problems that could make a collision more likely. Many people feel overworked or tired and sleep deprivation is a serious problem with respect to auto collisions. Unfortunately, driver fatigue is a major problem that has caused many motor vehicle crashes which led to the loss of life and debilitating injuries.

If you feel too tired to drive safe, you should stay off of the road. Sadly, many people ignore this advice, whether they have to get to work or take care of other responsibilities such as pick their child up from school. Driver fatigue may occur because someone slept poorly for one night or struggles with a long-term sleep disorder. Fatigue is also especially problematic in certain fields, such as those who drive semi trucks, as well as those who regularly work overtime or graveyard shifts.

Some drivers may not even realize that they are dangerously tired behind the wheel, putting their own life at risk and the safety of others in danger as well. If you were hit by a fatigued driver, many different challenges may lie ahead, from physical therapy and financial problems to a permanent disability and mental trauma. Our law office covers different traffic crash consequences on our personal injury web page.

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