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3 Co-Parenting Tips After a Divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2018 | Family Law |

Among all of the difficult aspects of divorce for couples in California, raising a child together can be the most difficult. After all, it’s natural that you’ll feel some level of animosity towards your spouse and these negative feels can color your interactions. Partents.com offers the following guidance, which can help you and your ex raise your children in a loving manner.  

1. Change Your Thinking

A simple change of mind can go a long way. Consider your feelings towards your ex; perhaps occurrences during your marriage and subsequent divorce have caused you to think negatively of him or her. While you may not be able to forget past slights, you can reframe the way you think. Try to look at your former spouse in the same way you would look at a co-worker you weren’t particularly fond of. That way you can maintain civility when dealing with important family issues.

2. Take Care of Yourself

It’s not uncommon for parents to feel sadness when kids are away with their exes. You can mitigate these feelings by taking the time to do the things that are really important in your life, such as visiting with friends or partaking in a beloved hobby. As you take care of yourself you’ll be better equipped at handling the negative aspects of your divorce and you’ll also be a better parent to your kids overall.

3. Learn How to Deal With Your Child’s Emotions

Much like you, your child is bound to experience negative emotions surrounding the divorce. When this occurs, try to accept these emotions for what they are and take steps to assuage any fears or anxiety your child has. Refrain from bad-mouthing the other parent, as this will only reinforce a negative point of view held by your child.

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