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Divorcing in a vietnamese household

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2017 | Family Law |

‘Divorce’ is a word few welcome with open arms. Yet depending on the culture, some may not agree with the process whatsoever. That attitude toward ending marriage seems to be changing for the Vietnamese community in California, where at one time divorce was seen as taboo. Many are putting an end to a life they would rather forget, and starting fresh with new and exciting path.

The Vietnamese are not the only community who have placed value in tradition, but when it comes to marriage, there have been strict standards in the past. Vietnam Culture shares some of that past with readers, noting that marriage ideals were, at one time, largely rooted in Confucian ethics. Similar to Americans’ views of family values at one time, Vietnamese culture placed immense importance on male superiority, strict discipline and female roles of housewife and mother. But just as these roles shift in most cultures, this tradition has become less of a priority and more of a memory of the past for some. When it comes to divorce, it has long been legal but uncommon. Women were often told to withstand the discontent for the sake of the family.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Vietnamese divorce has certainly taken a different route in recent years. Even for immigrants, divorce was seen as a taboo act; now it is becoming more acceptable. Still having one of the lowest divorce rates in the world, Vietnam is also widely known for its large number of Catholic households. Yet The Times shares that this number is quickly on the rise. Couples no longer feel the need to fulfill a duty of remaining with a spouse even when they are unhappy. However, mainstream American attitudes towards separation and divorce have encouraged more of the Vietnamese community to open up to the process. Divorce may not be the answer for everyone, but it is clear that it has become a more accessible option for many.




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