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Why valuation dates are important

Dividing up marital property can be one of the most difficult (and potentially most contentious) aspects of a divorce case in Westminster. This is particularly true if business assets are included in such proceedings. Typically, when one spouse owns and operates a business, whatever increase in value that the business experienced during his or her marriage is considered to be a marital asset. Thus, the valuation of a business is crucial in determining each spouse's interest in this asset (as is the date on which the valuation occurs). 

Frequently asked questions about post-nuptial agreements

While most couples in California have heard of pre-nuptial agreements, fewer still are aware of the role post-nuptial agreements play. These marital contracts are created during a marriage to establish guidelines on the union itself as well as what will occur should it be dissolved. TheSpruce.com answers some common questions regarding these agreements, which are becoming more and more popular among couples.

How can I manage my emotions during a divorce?

Emotions can be tumultuous during a divorce. Not only can negative feelings impact a person’s physical and mental health, they can also have an impact on the divorce proceeding itself. That’s why proper management of your emotions is so important. Huffington Post offers a few tips in this case, which can help you process what you’re feeling in a healthy and fulfilling manner.

3 Co-Parenting Tips After a Divorce

Among all of the difficult aspects of divorce for couples in California, raising a child together can be the most difficult. After all, it’s natural that you’ll feel some level of animosity towards your spouse and these negative feels can color your interactions. Partents.com offers the following guidance, which can help you and your ex raise your children in a loving manner.  

Why have a prenuptial agreement?

Like many in your community in Westminster, you likely dedicate a good deal of time and effort into cultivating two things: your family and your career. Oftentimes the latter is realized first, with you completing your schooling or starting your own business. You now may have found that special someone you want to marry, and everything seems to be coming up roses. Now may be a difficult time to do this, but have you contemplated that which you and your soon to be spouse are bringing into your marriage? Consider any remaining student loan debt you may have, or the funds you have tied up into your business? Do you want to those financial issues spilling over into your marriage? 

What divorce means in an asian-american community

Although America has slowly shifted in its attitudes toward divorce over recent decades, many Vietnamese-American communities still consider the dissolution of marriage taboo. Younger generations may express disagreement when it comes to cultural views on this life chapter; however, there are many California residents who have conflicting views in regard to divorce. What, exactly, does a marriage separation mean for Asian Americans today?

Moving away with the kids

The goal of all of those in Westminster who have recently divorced is to move on with their lives. For some, that only becomes easier after having left the local area and the many reminders they see of their marriages. Relocation following a divorce may be necessitated by the desire to move, the need to be near family or the circumstances of one's career. In any event, it becomes much more complicated if one has children with his or her ex-spouse. 

The changing stigma of divorce in vietnamese communities

Divorce can be difficult for anyone involved, but perhaps more so within communities that have long discouraged it. This is the case for many Vietnamese communities across the United States, and even though views toward divorce may be changing, there are a large number of California residents who face challenges when taking the brave step of starting a new life.

Do I need to keep records of alimony payments?

Alimony may be a dirty word to many Californians, and for the traditional Vietnamese household, it carries the same connotations as the word “divorce.” But it serves a purpose, one that aims to balance the scales when a couple breaks up and each person strikes out in a different direction. Whether you parted on speaking terms or had a knock-down, drag-out fight in court, alimony payments are not so much about your feelings for your ex-spouse as they are about your income. As a factor in both ex-partners' standard of living, these payments deserve the same attention as any other source of income.

Divorcing in a vietnamese household

'Divorce' is a word few welcome with open arms. Yet depending on the culture, some may not agree with the process whatsoever. That attitude toward ending marriage seems to be changing for the Vietnamese community in California, where at one time divorce was seen as taboo. Many are putting an end to a life they would rather forget, and starting fresh with new and exciting path.


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