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Forming a parenting plan that is mutually beneficial

When a couple is just beginning the process of getting divorced in California, one of their primary concerns is the well-being of their children. Divorce is undoubtedly difficult for children and can be exceptionally challenging if they need to relocate. The faster and more amicably that parents are able to arrange a parenting agreement, the more effective they may be at minimizing the impact of their split on the stability of their children's lives. 

How can I cope with my ex getting into a new relationship?

Watching your ex-spouse enter into a new relationship after your divorce can be difficult. It's not uncommon to experience feelings of sadness and hurt at this new development, even if you feel you've taken the proper steps to heal after the end of your marriage. It's possible to cope with an ex's new relationship in a healthy and rational way according to LifeHack.org.

Marital vs. separate property: What you should know

Whether you have recently filed for divorce or are simply considering terminating your marriage, there are a host of things to consider. One of the most difficult topics to negotiate may be that of property division. It can be difficult and emotional to separate property that you have accumulated throughout your marriage. Understanding the difference between marital and separate property may help to ensure you get everything you are entitled to in the divorce settlement.

Should you withdraw your 401k allotment right now?

While certainly a good deal of the effort that goes into divorce proceedings in Westminster addresses your past with your ex-spouse, the main goal of is to help both of you prepare for the futures that you face without each other. One important element to consider when pondering this is how you might best leverage the assets afforded to you during your property division proceedings to support yourself. If one of these assets is funds from your ex-spouse's 401k, then you will want to carefully contemplate the many options available you when dealing with them. 

Determining whether alimony should be paid

When a couple in Westminster chooses to get a divorce, both parties might assume that one side will automatically be awarded alimony. Yet that is not always the case. Alimony is only meant to be a means of assistance to help a financially disadvantaged spouse get back on their feet. In this particular context, "financially disadvantaged" means not able to secure gainful employment (or employment that offers an income that would allow them to maintain the standard of living they enjoyed while married). Thus, court reviews several factors when deciding whether the awarding of spousal support is warranted. 

How can I recover financially after a divorce?

Not only is divorce emotionally trying, it can also impact your finances. That’s why many divorced couples in California find themselves in debt after divorce, either due to splitting up assets or as a result of child support payments. There is hope however, as explained by USA Today. The following tips can help you recover your finances post-divorce and make your way towards a bright future.

How can I manage family conflicts over the holidays?

For divorced parents in California, the holidays can be a trying time. For many people visits with relatives often involve quite a bit of conflict, which can get in the way of your rest and relaxation. In this case, VeryWellFamily.com offers the following advice to ensure your holiday remains as stress-free as possible.

Shielding your small business during a divorce

For all of the struggles you have encountered as a small business owner in Westminster, protecting your business from your spouse likely was not one that you anticipated. Yet that is exactly the position that many of those that come to see us here at The Law Firm of Lan Quoc Nguyen & Associates are placed in when they choose to divorce. If and when you and your spouse dissolve your marriage, each of you is entitled to an equitable share of your marital assets. Your business may be included among them. 

How do I tell others I am divorcing?

Within the Vietnamese culture, divorce can be a difficult topic. However, if you are getting a divorce in California, you will have to tell others what is happening at some point. Being proactive about it and telling them before they find out some other way can help make the news easier to accept and reduce any misunderstandings.

Adding a forensic accountant to your divorce team

When the decision has been made for divorce in California, identifying and dividing the assets and debts can difficult. This is especially true if your spouse owns a cash-heavy business. At The Law Firm of Lan Quoc Nguyen & Associates, our team is experienced working with clients facing this challenge.


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