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It's an ideal time to consider estate planning

Considering what will happen after death or in case of incapacitation is not easy. This is why many California adults delay this process, while others assume it is not necessary because they are young or not wealthy. However, estate planning is beneficial for everyone, and now is a great time to take this step. Current events have many considering their own futures and those of their loved ones, and many adults currently have the time to plan.

Mistakes can derail best estate planning efforts

Thinking about the legal and financial needs a California adult may have in the future is not easy when crafting an estate plan. Even with the best of intentions, mistakes and missteps in this process can negatively impact an individual or his or her beneficiaries long-term. Handling the estate planning process with care can save time, money and considerable stress down the road. 

Estate planning with long-term interests in mind

Planning for the future is a prudent venture at every stage in life, regardless of age, wealth and health status. Estate planning requires looking to the future and laying the groundwork to ensure that the distribution of assets, health care and other matters are handled according to the wishes of a California adult. This means it is necessary to think long-term throughout the planning process.

Estate planning that works at every stage of life

Young adults in California can benefit from thinking about what they need for the future. Even the young and healthy can benefit from estate planning, starting with thinking about what they may need in case of an emergency. Having certain plans and protections in places can provide confidence and peace of mind in case of an unexpected situation. 

Young adults also have estate planning needs

College students are full of excitement about the future, and typically this does not include considering what future financial and legal needs they may have long-term. Young people are not likely to see the need to think about estate planning, but this could be a crucial step for many California young adults. Thinking ahead can give them peace of mind, as well as provide certainty to family members in case of a contingency. 

Where should someone start with the estate planning process?

Certain life events may cause a California adult to start thinking about the future and the need to have certain protections and plans in place. Estate planning can be a daunting task, especially for someone who is young and healthy, but this process is beneficial for those of all income levels and ages. Thinking about the future can allow a person to have more control over what happens to his or her stuff down the road and plan for the care of others in the future.

Estate planning is an important step for new parents

The birth of a child is an exciting time for a California family, and there are certain things the parents will want to do to protect their baby's future. One of these things is making sure they have both legal and financial protections in place in case of the unexpected. Estate planning is a smart way to make sure the future is secure for their new baby and other members of the family.

Estate planning with charitable giving in mind

Planning for the future is an important step for every California adult. Estate planning is specific to the needs and objectives of the individual, which may include the desire to designate a portion of the estate for charitable giving. While drafting a will is a basic step in many estate plans, there are better and more effective ways to give through an estate after death. There are specific estate planning tools that can help accomplish that goal.

Estate planning complications common for older divorcees

Someone going through a divorce will have various financial matters to address. There will have to be adjustments to lifestyle, savings and spending, and in the midst of these changes, it can be easy to overlook important changes to long-term plans and estate planning documents. For California couples who are over the age of 50, divorce can actually cause complex estate issues.

Delays in estate planning can lead to future complications

One of the most common mistakes people make regarding their estate plans is failing to make them in the first place. A California adult may assume that he or she is healthy and young, therefore not needing any type of estate planning protection until years in the future. Others may assume that since they are not wealthy or have discussed their wishes with loved ones that this effort is not necessary. In reality, everyone can benefit from having a plan, and delaying this too long can lead to problems down the road.


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