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The changing stigma of divorce in vietnamese communities

Divorce can be difficult for anyone involved, but perhaps more so within communities that have long discouraged it. This is the case for many Vietnamese communities across the United States, and even though views toward divorce may be changing, there are a large number of California residents who face challenges when taking the brave step of starting a new life.

Do I need to keep records of alimony payments?

Alimony may be a dirty word to many Californians, and for the traditional Vietnamese household, it carries the same connotations as the word “divorce.” But it serves a purpose, one that aims to balance the scales when a couple breaks up and each person strikes out in a different direction. Whether you parted on speaking terms or had a knock-down, drag-out fight in court, alimony payments are not so much about your feelings for your ex-spouse as they are about your income. As a factor in both ex-partners' standard of living, these payments deserve the same attention as any other source of income.

Divorcing in a vietnamese household

'Divorce' is a word few welcome with open arms. Yet depending on the culture, some may not agree with the process whatsoever. That attitude toward ending marriage seems to be changing for the Vietnamese community in California, where at one time divorce was seen as taboo. Many are putting an end to a life they would rather forget, and starting fresh with new and exciting path.

Untangling cultural concerns in divorce

Divorce can be seen by some as a societal taboo, and that is particularly true for the Vietnamese community. While marriage and family are not held to quite the same strict standards as they were previously, there are still expectations for couples to stay together.


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