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Reducing stress during divorce process is possible

The idea of getting divorced can feel both freeing and unsettling. However, taking certain steps can help divorcing individuals to make this stage of life a little smoother in California. Here are a couple of things that spouses can start doing to reduce their stress levels as they go through the divorce process.

Divorce considerations are important for protecting finances

Getting divorced essentially involves dissolving a marriage. However, the divorce process can easily become a war over a couple's valuable assets. This is particularly true for individuals with high-net-worth assets. Here are some important considerations for those who are embarking on the asset division process during a divorce proceeding in California.

Divorce tips may help with making financial future secure

Dealing with the emotional part of a marital breakup can no doubt be challenging. However, figuring out the financial aspect of divorce can be just as mind boggling. Because divorce can throw a curveball in people's finances in California, here are a couple of tips for protecting one's financial future following divorce.

Managing stress amid divorce

No couple gets married with the intention of one day ending the marriage. However, this is what happens to nearly half of all marriages in California and across the United States. Without question, divorce can be an emotional and stressful experience. Here are a few tips to help manage the stress that is common during a divorce.

Divorce: Vietnamese communities may relate to these issues

In California and throughout the United States, younger generations often say they feel as though their elders really do not understand them. Times change and with it, people growing up in particular generations may have different worldviews than those who came before them. The Vietnamese community is no different; in fact, many young adults in the community say they struggle with issues regarding divorce because many of the elders in their community are still dead set against it.

The future financial impact of a gray divorce

When an older California couple decides to end their marriage, they understand this decision will impact their future financial security. No matter how wealthy the two spouses may be or how amicably they plan to settle their divorce, the reality is that a gray divorce will have a ripple effect on retirement and long-term plans. Thankfully there are steps that can help preserve and protect long-term interests.

Smart choices lead to a strong future after divorce

When a California couple makes the choice to end their marriage, they understand they are facing significant financial changes. One of the most common concerns expressed by those who are going through a divorce is how this process will affect their long-term financial health. There are steps a spouse can take now and during the divorce process to shield personal interests and avoid additional complications in the future.

Carrying a burden of debt after a divorce is final

One of the most difficult aspects of ending a marriage is making choices and securing terms that will allow an individual to have a strong financial future. Most adults in California facing divorce likely have concerns about how this process will affect their income and savings, but most would be wise to give careful thought about the debt they may carry with them. A burden of debt can make it difficult to financially recover from a divorce.

A passive aggressive spouse can delay and complicate divorce

The end of a marriage is difficult, but it can be especially complicated when one spouse finds ways to allow emotions and aggression drive his or her decision-making. Passive-aggressive tendencies can slow down a divorce and make it difficult for a California couple to reach any type of positive resolution to their remaining disputes. This type of behavior can be difficult to confront as it is not overt or obvious.

Family law mistakes can prove costly in the future

The implications of a divorce can affect an individual for years. Because of the potential long-term effects that these family law decisions can have on virtually every area of life, it is beneficial to be familiar with common mistakes often made during a California divorce. Missteps and hasty decisions can prove costly and complicated down the road. 


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