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What are the advantages of forming an S corporation?

For Vietnamese business owners in California’s Little Saigon/Westminster area and beyond, setting up or restructuring your company as an S corporation has some advantages to consider. This business form limits the number of shareholders and offers some appealing tax benefits as well. Here is a brief look at some of the pros and cons of forming an S corporation.

What should you look for before partnering with an investor?

Whether you are looking to grow your start-up or are looking for fresh talent to add to your booming California business, utilizing investors is an excellent way to gain access to industry knowledge, strategy and financial support. While it is critical that you find investors, who share your passion for your product or service, it is equally as important to look at other details that will greatly support your mission and success. 

When a family business faces obstacles

America is home to countless families who sought better opportunities and better lives. For generations, the country has been recognized for its diverse and success-driven mentality; it is this mentality that has driven immigrants from all over the world to work toward a better future. California is just one of many places to welcome communities such as these with open arms. 

A collective business concern for nail salons

They seem to appear on every corner and in nearly every city, and are a hub for shoppers and beauty queens alike: nail salons have long been an important part of America's thriving businesses, but many Californians are unaware of their unique Vietnamese roots. Yet just as with any business, these salons can run into their own types of difficulties. 


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