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How non-residents may drive in California

What does it take to legally drive in California if you are a foreign national or non-resident? For starters, as long as you have a valid driver’s license from your country or territory, you’ll be able to drive on the state’s roads and highways. California will recognize that license.

Tax tips for small business owners

Small business owners must always be prepared in ways that include hiring the right employees, having enough money for payroll, focusing on marketing strategies, ensuring a steady and consistent flow of inventory and … tax season.

Women-owned businesses in the Vietnamese community

Orange County is home to the nation’s third-largest Asian population including nearly 200,000 Vietnamese-Americans. The heart of the county’s Vietnamese population is here at Westminster’s Little Saigon, an area filled with Vietnamese-owned businesses including auto repair shops, restaurants, grocery stores and nail salons.

Language barriers will not hold you back in court

Sitting in a chair next to a judge and testifying in front of a full courtroom can be daunting for anyone. Attempting to answer questions in a language that is not your own makes the task seem all the more imposing. Every word counts and as a non-native English speaker, or the family member of a Limited English Proficiency (LEP) individual, it is imperative that nothing gets lost. This inability to connect linguistically is the point in which the legal system brings in a communication specialist, otherwise known as an interpreter.


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